Professional accounting solutions|Accounting service business plan

Professional accounting solutions


In accounting software products(details) facilitate full accounting package with unlimited transactions & multi access. All below modules and features included in Accounting online


  • Technical issues 24/7 emails, call, Skype
  • Accounting assistance by the proximate accounting professional 7/5 email, calls, appointments
  • Online training to start you off, continued
  • Entry corrections by expert directly online

Micro Accounting Application

Professional accounting solutions

Manage from your phone, a complete and simple Easy Micro Accounting to track your progress. Suits for micro owner, small businesses, small contractors, suppliers, product or service entrepreneurs…


accounting solutions

  • Micro entreprises
  • SOHO (Small office, home office)
  • Home based business
  • Solo entrepreneurs (an entrepreneurial business that has one person in it)
  • Freelance artists and consultants
  • Self-employed, taxi, delivery, other…
  • Independent contractors (a tricky designation that will be discussed later)
  • Independent distributors (term is often used for representatives in multi-level marketing organizations)
  • Any small online sellers

Try the Micro accounting  3.75 per month, multi user access at same time, 1200 transactions per year.

3.75€ monthly

45.00€ yearly


accounting service business plan

business plan

Included Invoicing

masters in professional accounting

(also available as dedicated invoice app)

Invoice your customers in seconds

Professional invoicing for small business owners, freelancers and contractors.

Unlimited Invoice from your mobile phone, on the spot and send by email instantly.

Save time, get paid quicker, Instantly create quotes and invoices

Get your invoicing done in minutes, not hours. Create estimates and invoices on the road, at the client, on a job or at home. Quickly add details such as discounts, payment instructions, due dates, photos, signatures, delivery details and more. Turn estimates into invoices with one click. Thus you Save time, invoice from anywhere, any location, present invoice and receive payment.

Multi Invoicing – all in one price – no hidden charges


Look professional with your own logo

Load your logo and brand your invoice to your business? You will always look professional and match your brand. Through client company settings add your details and logo to your invoice. Or any one of our template designs.

Keep track of your invoices and payments

Get notified when your invoices are read and track when they are due. Keep a record of clients and track your monthly income with built-in reporting that can easily be exported to your accounting software and or shared with your accountant. Manage all your finances in one place with SoftDrive.

Save time, email invoice direct to client mobile or email

Avoid postage, email the invoice direct, go green and avoid typing the same things over and over. Save invoice items and clients details as you go so you can re-use them later. Edit them at any time. Get started fast by importing your phone contacts and client details that are pasted to invoice on selection.

Link to your payment provider for debit & credit cards payments

Just link your invoice payment to your payment provider and Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and more online or on the spot. Payment against an instant invoice is professional when receiving cash or checks and cards payments against invoice.

Access securely from any device, anywhere

Cloud based invoicing allows you to invoice wherever suits you-on your phone, tablet or computer. Your account is always connected and your invoices, clients and settings are saved securely to our system. Never lose business because of lost data. You’re free to switch devices any time. And your invoicing cloud base has multi access to who ever you give authority to.

Track your suppliers and purchase orders from any device, anywhere


micro accounting


Multi Invoicing 600 transactions per yearly

2 user access same time

1.25€ monthly

15.00€ yearly




Included Easy Expenses Tracker included

Professional accounting solutions for accounting service business plan

(Included with micro or purchase as dedicated expense tracker app)


  • Take stock of your sales / income and purchases & expenses
  • Track your expenses month by month
  • Compare expenses to income
  • Follow your expenditure, anywhere, micro business, personally on holiday, anywhere
  • Allocate expense to payment by credit card, bank or cash


Best price income expense tracker, mini cash register included

also suits micro small business, very small retailer, sole trader retailer

0.95€ monthly

11.00€ yearly



Professional accounting solutions for accounting service business plan

Easy is for the micro small business, freelancer, one man business, home business, auto entrepreneur and sole trader that require minimum transactions processing. For SME and ML entreprise visit

EasyBooks cost effective processing of invoice and micro accounts permits minimum three users access simultaneously. Transactions process & Requirements (up to 900 yearly) allowing cost effective software for micro business with upgrading possibilities.

Technical issues are covered directly by SoftDrive support team. Get in touch: