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Property management easily manages tenants, property stock (units), create property inventory portfolio, asset furniture listings per furnished property, property assest register, task. Automatically updated with the latest regulation features. Imports (CSV) all bank statements. Suits all property management businesses, owner portfolio management. Unlimited features for all transactions : tenant invoicing, supplier maintenance and purchases, expenses. Digital API reporting system. Send property accounting reports direct to local tax office. Tracks property municipal and other taxes per property. Easily create, follow quotes, invoices, expenses, maintenance orders, purchases, tenants and suppliers. Collect quicker – sends all invoices direct to tenants by email. Create and follow cash management budget. Multi access at the same time. Creates all reports, tenants list, rents, tax, BL, P&L, trial balance, tenants debtors, suppliers. Each software dedicated to each clients portfolio and management style.

  • Facilitates management of all property units (unlimited), Its property budget, accounting recording, tax concessions, rebates, special tax accounting processing procedures, expenditure, reports on expenditure to budget.
  • Software facilitates unlimited project per property, per unit for dedicated unit management (jobbing included),
  • Also used for Property development, all projects, business transactions for mergers, cessions, acquisitions, fusion, product development, research projects, property development, adapting to all projects.
  • Edits all business reports. Advantaged for efficient cash management comparison to budgets for performance measurement.
  • Allows multi access, with member authorization levels.