Get to know Easybooks products

Get to know Easybooks products from BOBOSOHO

Get To Know Easybooks Products – First of all we are going to show you the Micro Accounting Application, which contains everything.








a. Business details



b. Language settings



c. Email settings



d. Project setup



e. Income & expense categories



f. Currency settings



g. Exchange rates



h. Payment settings



i. User setup



j. Attached documents





Cash / Bank


a. Bank accounts



b. Bank statement



c. Bank reconciliation



d. Import bank feed



e. Import bank feed auto



f. Import bank transaction auto processing







a. Fiscal year



b. Chart of account



c. Account categories



d. Account types



e. Journal entry



f. View journal



g. Modify journal



h. GL setup



i. Import journal for automatic processing






a. Tax rates



b. Item tax types



c. Sales tax settings



d. Sales tax return






a. Suppliers setup






a. Customers setup



Product & service


a. Product & item setup



b. Product categories



c. Units of measures



d. Sales pricing



e. Purchasing pricing



f. Stock status



g. Stock adjustments



h. Stock reorder levels






a. Add income



b. Income register






a. New invoice



b. View invoices



c. Customer transactions



d. Payments



e. Invoice from template



f. Repeat invoices



g. New quotation



h. View quotations





a. Add expenses



b. Expense register






a. New purchase order



b. View purchase



c. Supplier transactions




d. Payments



e. Repeat purchases





a. Create & view budget



b. View budget by GL




Asset register


a. Asset types



b. Assets



c. Amortisation schedule








a. Printable reports



b. Graphical reports




Import & export


a. Import items



b. Import journal entry



c. Import chart of accounts



d. Import bank statement



e. Export data