Easy Micro Accounting

Manage from your phone, a complete and simple Easy Micro Accounting to track your progress. Suits for micro owner, small businesses, small contractors, suppliers, product or service entrepreneurs…

Includes complete accounting for small business, online invoicing app, online income-expense tracker app, use on cloud and app at the same time from any device. Upto 25 transactions.

  • Micro entreprises
  • SOHO (Small office, home office)
  • Home based business
  • Solo entrepreneurs (an entrepreneurial business that has one person in it)
  • Freelance artists and consultants
  • Self-employed, taxi, delivery, other…
  • Independent contractors (a tricky designation that will be discussed later)
  • Independent distributors (term is often used for representatives in multi-level marketing organizations)
  • Any small online sellers

Pricing Tables

Pricing Tables

3.75€ per month

45.00€ yearly