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Pack 1
39 € $ £ Monthly
475 € $ £ Paid Yearly
Pack 2
79 € $ £ Monthly
950 € $ £ Paid Yearly
Pack 3
110 € $ £ Monthly
1440 € $ £ Paid Yearly
Pack 4
250 € $ £ Monthly
3000 € $ £ Paid Yearly

  • Setup Cost
  • Software
  • Dedicated Software Client Access
Includes Dedicated Software with Client Access.
Transactions. Limited to 600 all inclusive per year Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Accounting GAAP according to your country regulations.
Processing information by mail with following formations.
Email or formatted excel sheet (supplied), bank statements download via bank excel formatted
List of clients (Details)
List of payment
List of invoices
Digital tax reporting to your local government on your approving accounts signature electronics. Submitting monthly, quarterly, yearly tax return.
Monthly, quarterly, BL, P&L, Customer and other reports. Client can view directly on software anytime. If digital reporting is not synchronize in your country, clients can print & submit manually.
Invoicing clients (24 hours notification required).
Accounting, IFRS reporting standards to IAS regulation. X X X
Payroll services included for each pack. Thereafter additional staff will be invoiced 10 € $ £ per month. 2 3 5 15
Accounting Services Signup Form Manually

Accounting Services Signup Form Manually

INSCRIBE NOW!! It is manual to receive dedicated payment invoice service via paypal. Account opened on payment or use above for immediate subscription and payment to receive account logon details immediate, and send processing details by email for processing to start immediately.